Family Matters

Family time in the age of COVID-19 has dramatically changed for those with school-aged children. Children and parents in the home 24/7, teleworking and homeschooling, certainly has its challenges. But, it is also emotionally challenging to be worried about your adult children who live in places near and far, and whose actions you can no longer control.

On the second week of the social distancing and stay at home directive, and after I became proficient on Zoom (haha), I invited my husband and children to a family meeting on Zoom. Everyone turned down my request. Jim was too busy with the market conditions. The girls were Zoomed out from work meetings at home, and James was fishing. 

James’ entire life in Montana is by design a model of social distancing. Fly fishing with Boh or guiding two guests on the mighty Yellowstone River, is his blissful existence. The girls are hunkered down in Baltimore and Nashville working from home, as are Jim and I in Chestertown. Yes, we have been getting in each other’s way just a bit.

After another week of working from home, with no restaurants open for dining, and no toilet paper to purchase, suddenly everyone wanted face time. Social distancing should be renamed physical distancing because humans need social connection to thrive. The best part of social media is the regular connection we have to our family and friends through photographs and messages even though we may live miles apart.

I tried to play it really cool when the kids decided we should all get on FaceTime, because I had been wanting to see their faces for weeks, but certainly did not want to seem overanxious. We finally all connected two nights ago. It made my day, my week and the months of March and April combined. To laugh and joke with our children, plus 3 dogs, lifted my spirits tremendously.

The world is now experiencing collective trauma, thus, any way to connect with our loved ones is good for the soul. I am still smiling! Have a great day! 

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