Follow the Crumbs

Everyone in my family knows that I believe the best Italian pastries come from Modern Pastry Shop on Hanover Street in the historic North End of Boston. My grandparents were married in the North End, my grandmother was born in her families’ apartment on Prince Street just around the corner from Modern Pastry, and I vividly remember visits to my great grandfather’s house and community vegetable garden there. My niece is carrying on the family tradition and currently lives there.

In my childhood, every birthday required a rum cake from Modern. Established in 1930, the award winning and family owned bakery was opened by the Picariellos who came from Italy to share authentic recipes and culture. When we left the nest our Nana would send us boxes of Modern cookies for our birthdays shipped across the country, the familiar boxes tied with the signature red and white string. She, herself, would take a bus to the post office to mail them. I am pretty sure that her post office, and many mail trucks over the years, had crumbs all over the place after one of these sacred deliveries.

My sister-in-law has kept up the beloved tradition. For my Thanksgiving birthday this year she sent cookies and crumbs to Florida which was where I was celebrating my birthday and the holiday. Literally just opening the box brings a flood of fond memories and warms my heart.

Recently, I wanted to send a gift of food to my parents in South Carolina, and although I live in Maryland, I could think of no better gift than cookies from Massachusetts. I am so grateful for Modern Pastry’s website and shipping options. The cookie tray arrived and all the cookies were amazingly fresh. There is nothing like an Italian cookie to brighten your day and put a smile on your face – especially when dunked in a cup of espresso. I always love when the cookie crumbs sweeten the drink.

Segui le briciole 

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